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Africa, Apr 2011

Cycle to Africa

This ride will see Bernie leaving Liverpool (UK) and cycling over 1700 miles into Africa in just 18 days. The journey will head south to Portsmouth where he meets the rest of the team and they will then cross into France. Traveling through the length of France, the ride will then cross the Pyrenees before navigating the length of Spain. At Gibraltar, the team will pass into a new continent where their end destination of Africa will be achieved. Not many people will ever face such a challenge, and heading through regions that nobody in the team has ever ventured as well as camping along the way, the challenge is bigger than ever. The purpose of the ride is to publicize the work of the Maasai Heritage Preservation Foundation. As well as raising critical funds for the Foundation, it is hoped that the journey will capture the imagination and gain public interest. It is critical for the Foundation that the world is made aware of the work that they are doing and for the Foundation to gain more financial support. Only then can more excellent work continue. For more information, Click Here.