Enterprise South Liverpool Academy
Feb 2016

Bernie inspired the Enterprise South Liverpool Academy

Bernie inspired over 300 students at the prestigious Enterprise South Liverpool Academy. Bernie went back to his roots when he presented to the Academy in February as he was born & commenced his education in Speke South Liverpool.

Just see some of the wonderful feedback he received from the Students & Head Teacher.

“Bernie Hollywood’s visit was a fantastic morning for the students of the Academy. He was a true inspiration and demonstrated to the students what can be achieved with a little determination and commitment.” Mr Unsworth

“Seeing Bernie Hollywood made me realise the huge potential I have in my life” Becky Bettley-Jones

“Bernie Hollywood’s past experience of amazing adventures have inspired me to be brave, take risks and do great things with my life” Dylan Hughes

“If he can do it, so can I, and he is from Speke! Just shows you, it doesn’t matter where you are from you can do it if you believe” Phil Stasiuk

“Bernie Hollywood has taught me nothing is impossible” Liam Roberts