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Apr 2017

New Solar Computer Lab opens in Kenya

Bernie's first Solar Computer Lab is now ready for its official opening next month by our Founder Matthew Norton at Memusi School, Oldonyokie, Kenya. This project has taken 24 months from conception, research, raising the funds, meeting with the designers & construction engineers, to the physical build itself here at Memusi School, Oldonyonyokie, Kenya. My personal thanks goes to every person that supported & believed in this project. Special thanks to Matthew Norton Founder of The Memusi Foundation, Chris Arnold Founder of World Merit & wonderful friend & to Martin Muckle Managing Director of Stonehouse Kenya & his incredible team for building us such a fabulous place of learning. And finally to James Turing Founder of the Turing Trust for his support in training the teaching team this week here at Memusi School, Oldonyonyokie, Kenya. I truly believe that every child should have the opportunity & be able to "Code" by the time they reach High School, having the ability to "Code" is like possessing a real life superpower & will give every child a platform of securing a well paid job within the hi-tech sector within Kenya later in their academic journey.
Matthew Norton the Founder of The Memusi Foundation said that securing a Solar Computer Lab would be a "Game Changer" for the School, its pupils, teachers & its community. This vision has now become a reality & a shining example of believing that anything is possible with hard work, determination, passion & not ever giving up.
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