43 years

of pioneering

'third sector'

growth and impact 

An internationally renowned & critically acclaimed 'third sector' advisor and storyteller having advised thousands of charities, voluntary groups, social enterprises and governments, he has spoken actively on numerous occasions at the United Nations - New York City USA / Nairobi Kenya / United Kingdom, various Governmental Parliaments, TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Talks, Global Corporate Conferences & Launches, Universities, High & Primary Schools.    


Bernie is one of the worlds most accomplished adventurers having rowed solo 3,540 miles and 109 days alone at sea across the Atlantic Ocean, reached the Geographic Poles, climbed some of the worlds highest mountains, trekked unsupported through deserts, cycled across continents, ran over 150 marathons (41 marathons solo consecutively back to back in 20 days, that's 1,074.2 miles or 53.7 miles per day) and is a holder of a prestigious Guinness World Record too!


Bernie was appointed by 'His Royal Majesty King Charles' to act as a 'Justice of the Peace' within Merseyside and Cheshire and sits on a regular basis in the Liverpool, Birkenhead and Sefton Magistrates Courts. 

Social and Economic Impact

Over the last 43 years Bernie has been responsible for raising over 42 million pounds for the ‘Third Sector’ (Charity, Social Enterprise and Voluntary Groups) that he advises and supports here within The United Kingdom, The Commonwealth and around the World.

His work continues apace today as he sits on the board of a number of charities, mentoring hundreds to people within the sector, lecturing and consulting around the world on effective 'Third Sector' ESG (Environmental, Social and (corporate) Governance). It’s about living up to our values through our actions. This means we can all contribute to broader societal priorities, including those set out by the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Bernie’s strategy is shaped by two key areas: ‘people’ and ‘planet’. People: means driving change for the better for everyone. Planet: means protecting the world’s resources and tackling climate change. Bernie speaks and advises regularly at the United Nations HQ in New York City - USA / Nairobi - Kenya, UK Houses of Parliament and the British Chamber of Commerce where he lobbies and advises on how by working in collaboration we are able to make our world a better place for all humankind.

He has been instrumental in creating, providing and delivering financial solutions that have changed the face of 'Third Sector' fundraising and equity across the world creating financial products and services that have raised millions of pounds / dollars for the ‘Third Sector’. He continues this work today advising some of the world's leading high tech ‘Third Sector’ organisations around the world, so please continue to watch this space!

Bernie has been championing the ‘Disability Rights of Children’ around the world for the last ten years and has spoken recently at the United Nations in New York - USA influencing the nations through the delivery of 'Sustainable Development Goals' (SDG’s).

What's remarkable is that Bernie has taken no financial reward whatsoever over the last four decades of his life changing work and he continues to provide his advisory services today on a ‘Pro Bono’ (free of any charge) basis.

Renowned 'Third Sector' Worldwide Advisor

Bernie Hollywood Storyteller

Through his transformational advice and storytelling he has moved audiences around the world into action on how they can change the world.

Bernie continues to provide his advisory service on a ‘Pro Bono’ basis to all ‘Third Sector and Educational Establishments’. He has attended, parliamentary select committees, conferences, humanitarian summits to advise, listen, strategise and inspire others to look, consider and do things differently.

He has presented powerful, thought provoking talks across the world speaking at TED Talks (technology, entertainment and design), Governments, United Nations in New York City - USA, Nairobi - Kenya and the UK, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s), Educational Establishments from Universities, High Schools, Visually Impaired Schools to Primary Years Schools around the world. 

Bernie officially launched his 'Boat Of Hope' Campaign at 'The National Maritime Museum' in London, UK in October 2021 attended and launched by the 'The Right Honourable Gillian Keegan Secretary of State for Education' and the winning children from the ‘ParentPay’ National Art Competition who saw their artwork revealed on the 'Boat Of Hope' mural which was wrapped beautifully around Bernie's 7 metre solo ocean rowing boat. His number one best selling mental health and wellbeing 'Bernie & Boatie' early years / primary school children book written by award winning children's author Natalie Reeves Billing was also launched along with its own animated trailer narrated by Pop Mega Star Melanie C and Screen Actor Sacha Dhawan. Bernie completed a 370 mile, 30 Day Boat Pull at the Ministry of Defence Base Lyneham in Wiltshire on the 30th April 2022 and raised awareness of children's mental health / wellbeing and raised funds for his two charity partners. He also completed a hugely successful tour of over 55 UK High and Primary Schools with his is "Boat of Hope" Team which opened up thousands of conversations with early years children on their mental health and wellbeing and with High School Students on suicide prevention and depression. He then successfully rowed solo across the 'Atlantic Ocean' in his #BoatOfHOPE 3,540 miles taking 109 days alone at sea, this event was seen by a staggering 950 million across the world. The Campaign concluded with a two week #BoatOfHOPE Exhibition in Europe's largest Cathedral with all of the children’s artwork along with Bernie’s solo ocean rowing boat on display, plus ‘Bernie and Boatie The Play’ adapted from his best selling early years children’s book premiered to outstanding reviews and this and the exhibition was enjoyed by thousands of local and overseas visitors, please watch and enjoy this short video:

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