#BoatOfHope 370 mile boat pull at MoD Lyneham.
Boat of Hope at the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
Bernie at the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
Our number one best selling children's book.
Boat of Hope Marvel Comic.
Bernie meets King Charles at a business meeting.
Bernie pulling the Boat of Hope for 30 days and 370 miles.
'Bernie and Boatie The Play' Premiere at Liverpool Cathedral.
The 'Boat of Hope' working with the RAF 'Red Arrows'.
Bernie Hollywood - First Solar Computer Lab in Kenya
Bernie Hollywood - House Of Lords Speech
Bernie speaking in his UN Ambassador role in Kenya.
Bernie Hollywood - TED Talk
Bernie invested by Her Majesty The Queen for Services to Charity
Bernie hosting the prestigious Turing Talk Festival in Edinburgh
Bernie chairing a select committee meeting within The House of Lords
Bernie alongside his favourite characters 'Wallace and Gromit'.
Bernie Hollywood - World Merit Summit
Wallace and Gromit 'Wrong Trousers Day' on the Isle of Man.
Bernie Hollywood addressing the UN conference in Morocco
Bernie is made an honorary 'Elder' and addresses the Masai Chiefs within Kenya.
Bernie opens the first social enterprise soap production factory within Kenya
Bernie is proud to be a Trustee of the Turing Trust with Sir Dermot Turing and James Turing. ye
Bernie Hollywood - Grosvenor Rowing Club