Thanks Paddy & Johnnie


In Summer 2021 my incredible Rannoch Atlantic Ocean Rowboat will be offically launched and named "City of Liverpool" in honour of my late Father "Paddy Hollywood" and late Grandfather "Johnnie Murphy" who both worked out of the great Port of Liverpool.

My fabulous Father "Paddy" worked tirelessly sailing out of Liverpool with his beloved B & I Line all of his working life on the MV Kilkenny and MV Munster ships that he was so proud of. My equally fabulous Grandfather "Johnnie" worked his lifetime as a Liverpool Docker, what amazing stories he told.

The "City of Liverpool" coat of arms will be seen on the stern of my ocean going rowboat and will feature the Greek Gods of Sea: Triton and Neptune standing on either side of a shield with a Liverbird holding a piece of seaweed in its beak and with the city's latin motto below "Deus Nobis Haec Otia Fecit" - "God has given us tranquility". Both Greek Gods of the Sea will hopefully secure me a safe passage across the 3,000 miles of the worlds most dangerous Ocean.

My thanks to Chris Brown and Robin Kemp for their help, support and guidance from Marketing Liverpool in allowing me the great honour of naming my Atlantic Ocean boat after the City that my Father, Grandfather and I dearly love. 

Our #BoatOfHope will shine for Liverpool and will be seen by a global audience of over 880 million, it will raise global awareness of the mental health issues and provide hope to millions of people that are living with this illness that help, support and guidance is available for them whilst struggling through each and everyday.

31 December 2020

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